Hello, readers. It’s been several months since we have posted anything about travel. My father passed away last July, while we were traveling in Columbia, and we came back to my hometown for several months. The hearthache will never go away, but it’s time to get busy living or get busy dying. Let’s get busy living and travel on, before time runs out! We stayed in downtown Pittsburgh for two months, as the drive to my hometown only takes thirty-five minutes from there if you miss rush hour traffic. Cheer up for a while, Ma, with some king crab legs from Wholey’s Market in Pittsburgh’s strip district!

MVIMG_20190930_174652.jpg Enjoy cool morning walks along Pittsburgh’s rivers, where the Monogahelia and Allegheny Rivers meet to form the Ohio.


Pittsburgh has over five hundred bridges, the most of any other city in the United States. Portland, Oregon comes in second.IMG_20190809_180448.jpg IMG_20190903_074317.jpgWe walked across many of them. But the most fun comes from magnet fishing with close friends! Yes, you throw out a magnet attached to a nylon rope and drag it back in. The magnet can pick-up close to three hundred pounds. You never know what’s going to come up attached to it. This day, we caught a chair, the top of a charcoal grill, and several screws. Luckily a car wasn’t floating down river.

MVIMG_20190925_144621.jpg Time to leave this friendly city after a couple of months downtown. Thank you, Pittsburgh, and close friends, for giving us some moments of relief from grief.


We truck-camp our way back home to Phoenix, Arizona through the colorful hills of West Virginia and along the Kentucky bourbon route.IMG_20191003_090847.jpg IMG_20191004_164446_exported_2163_1570221961194.jpg

Marilynn can build a fire like no other!

IMG_20191007_170047.jpgAnd of course, I thought that I could drink bourbon like no other. No, I cannot. Cheers to you, Dad!

IMG_20191002_132932.jpgEventually, we drive onto an Interstate the rest of the way. Interstates get you there, if you have neither the time nor the need to see anything interesting.


Stay posted for more upcoming posts. Next stop…, drum roll…, Djibouti, Africa!