About me

Photo by friend from Holland

At Sani Top Chalet

I love to write and travel. My wife Marilynn snaps the photos and does most of the planning, and I basically follow along to ventures around the world. Traveling enriches our lives in ways that we cannot fully comprehend. A traveler that we met in Siberia summed it up, “Some people just got to see it.” We also want to experience it. Our blog posts are casual and real. We travel on a budget with backpacks and hostel stays, but treat ourselves to tours and luxury once in a while. We don’t get paid to make destinations sound marvelous, but let them speak for themselves through our personal experiences.

Our first blog goes back several years to our West African adventure, complete with genuine voodoo ceremonies in Benin, as well as camping in the Sahara Desert of southern Morocco. Then we  travel with our dog, Jack, and live in our truck for three months. Making our way from Phoenix, AZ through Vancouver BC, to Haines, Alaska, we visit relatives and friends (mooch), camp, and grab a motel here and there.

We travel with no reservations. After returning from a trek to the top of Mt. Roraima, Venezuela, as well as Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, we get the call to volunteer as Camp Ground Hosts in Haines, Alaska. Check out our awesome posts about remote living in a cabin with no running water or electricity, on the Chilkat Inlet, across from two glaciers. We greet visitors from around the world who visit the cabin deck for fantastic views.

Rediscover Mexican beaches with us,  from Puerto Penasco, and Zihuatanejo, to Puerto Escondido, or come camping at Chilkat State Park in Haines, Alaska for the summer.

Visit Iceland and “rental car camp,” before crossing Russia on  the Trans-Siberian Railroad to Lake Baikal, and then south to Mongolia. Fly to Sri Lanka, up to India, and finish our five-month overseas adventure with us on a trek in Nepal.

Back in the States we truck camp, reunited with Jack the dog. Take our time, and enjoy the scenery around New England during the colorful autumn.

Thailand calls us to explore the beaches, islands, and northern town of Chiang Mai. After a two-day slow boat ride up the Mekong River to Laos, we wrap up the journey with a week’s stay on a luxurious beach resort in Samui, Thailand.

Venture to South Africa for ten weeks of rental cars and public transportation, and visit seven countries in Southern Africa.

Alaska calls, and we volunteer as caretakers for the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.

Then it’s down under to Australia, and back to Alaska as caretakers one more summer.

Stay tuned, for an adventure to the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of West Africa! You are invited to browse around our archives, as we hope to create many more.

My first novel, Broken Collar , was published by Bottom Dog Press. The story is about a catholic priest who struggles with human desires in his steel-mill village. He strives for understanding in a gritty manner.  Ron Mitchell.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:  rmitchell6152@gmail.com

Peace and Love,

Ron Mitchell