What a relief to leave the humid hot bustling City-state of Singapore and land on the laid-back island of Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia. Life be slow and mellow here, at just the right time for us.

Marilynn and I walk to the beach and chill out after our check-in at the Sri Embun Resort in Pantai Cenang, where four nights costs under one-hundred US dollars total.

This Malaysian paradise offers an array of delectable food choices at way cheaper prices than Singapore, and the pizza tastes better. This thin crust blends fresh mushrooms with chicken, tomato, chili and an exotic spicy Malaysian sauce. I am not sure how pizza has become the standard for our palate lately, but yes, we found the holy grail.

Most meals, including civilized portions of beer and wine, cost less than twenty-five US dollars. Pad Thai competes with spicy prawns for our dining pleasure.

Friendly people from all over show respect and tolerance for different beliefs and cultures.

We walk the beach each morning and look forward to the way it lights up at night.

Yes, life be slow here, and all we do for four days is lay under an umbrella on the beach and swim in the ocean. Not a whole lot of story to write about, as the most important question of the day is “What and where shall we eat tonight?”

For us, four nights proves to be the perfect amount of time.

Before we fly to the Malaysian Island of Penang, we will dine on lobster and watch parasailers fly into the sunset. See you in Penang, my friends.

Thank you, abundant universe.

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