Before catching up with Pat and Marilynn and renting a car with them, I rode 29 hours on a greyhound bus where the only scenery consisted of sugarcane fields.

Sugar cane

Sugar Cane – The view for miles and miles and miles

The most exciting event was at a bus stop, where a man selling coffee says to me, “You have beautiful teeth. Are they yours?” Had to think for a moment, as I do have two molar implants. “I guess they’re all mine.” I yank on them to make sure.

byron bay

Byron Bay

“Nobody goes there anymore…it’s too crowded.”  Yogi Berra

Rent a car and you get to see more sights by taking tourist roads off the main highway. Byron Bay is big and beautiful, but too crowded on Easter holiday. Getting out of here quickly takes a long time.


Emerald Beach

Enter Emerald Beach, where seclusion and heart pumping beach hikes suit our style. Kangaroos know what I’m talking about, as they hang out here too.

kangaroo on trail

Hi there fellas


The Rules

We decide to rent an apartment in Port Macquarie, which provides an array of opportunities such as purchasing and cooking our own fresh catch from local seafood markets.

seafood shack port

The harbor, Port Macquarie

Why go out to a restaurant (expensive throughout Australia) when you have a kitchen, and balcony overlooking a river and ocean bays? Not to mention stunning sunrises.

port view

Why go to a restaurant?



Some guys catch their own, fishing from painted rocks along the walkway.

walk port

Rock Art in Port

Beach hikes weave in and out of coast and rain forest. Watch out for those Cockatoos, though. “Those birds are destructive,” a local woman says with a sneer. “They destroy my gutters and tear limbs from my trees.”

birds 1

The Birds

I suppose that nobody’s perfect, but not even the birds?   Ron Mitchell



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