Sisters take a road trip into the outback, and the road goes on forever in western Australia.


Forever, and ever! Thank goodness for the meat pie in the trunk (with beer and wine…)

It seems that rewards await at the end of every journey. This time it comes in the form of an underwater observatory in Busselton.


The Underwater Observatory in Busselton

Deeper into the outback they drive.

drive alice

The Outback

This day ends with evening strolls and morning jogs along the beaches of the beautiful Bay of Isles, in the town of Esperance.



After a long drive through brush fire damage to Kalgoorlie, Mare explains to a woman that she and her sister are traveling on their own for a while.

fire damage

Lots and lots of fire damage

“Oh yes,” the woman says. “Girls need to take time from their husbands for manicures, spa days, and shopping.”

gold mine

The Super Pit in Kalgoorlie

Little does the woman know that they’re “not those kind of girls.” These gals are more interested in Australia’s largest gold mine, and the Country’s oldest operational brothel!


The S & M room in Questa Casa, one of the few remaining brothels in Kalgoorlie

They call semi-trucks hauling three containers (or more) “road trains” in these parts. These monsters of the highway can have as many as 84 tires and weigh up to 150 tons.

road train

Saw more than a few of these puppies along the way

Back on the west coast the sisters land on a different planet. Nobody knows for sure how the stalactites actually formed in the Pinnacles Desert, as each geological theory dispute the other.

pin desert

The Pinnacles Desert

Time to fly away from the west and journey to the red center. Alice Springs lives a world away from everywhere else in Australia.

Uluru 3

Approaching the great rock

It does not take long for them to find a favorite bar, “Uncles.” Bars will be bars and boys will be boys. The bartender throws out one very big, cranky, drunk man. No worries. Soon, an extremely intoxicated Aboriginal guy serenades the sisters with an unintelligible song.

Kata Tjuta


One does not visit Alice Springs for the company. Access to Uluru and Kata Tjuta draws the curious. Mare says, “The feeling of being there defies description.”

Uluru 2

Uluru at sunset

Where will the girls go next?  Ron Mitchell


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