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Perth, Australia

Perth surprises us. We’re expecting some Australian outback on the western coast. Instead, a clean city with gleaming buildings rises along the Swan River.

blog city from water

Perth skyline from the water

Cafes, shops, and restaurants line the streets. The old architecture blends with the new as blue skies and sunshine dominate the weather.

blog dt P

Downtown Perth

Many walking and biking paths surround waterways, as do numerous apartments and condos.

blog our neighborhood

The view during our daily run/walk in East Perth

Buildings grow before our eyes. Perth is booming.

blog Perth

Separate walking and biking paths line the river

Take a boat tour on the Swan River to where it meets the Indian Ocean at a major port in in the town of Fremantle.

blog Freemantle

Coming into Freemantle

A hangout for artists, writers, students, and tourists. Some nice beaches and cafes can be found here as well.

blog beach F

The beach in Freemantle

Many mansions vie for space along this part of the river, some priced upwards to 70 million dollars. Jeepers. Not what we expected at all.

blog mansion row

How much for that place?!?

Each mansion owner seems to own a sailboat.

blog sailboats

Adios Amigas!

Perth marks the spot where I part ways with my two lovely travel companions. As Mare and her sister Pat head out to explore the real Australian outback, I head Northeast to play around the Great Barrier Reef. Lifetime dreams coming true. Happy trails and love all around! Thank you Abundant Universe.                  Ron Mitchell



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  1. How interesting to read about and see pics of Perth. Had no idea. Hope you have a grand adventure at the GBR and be careful with sunscreen. Just read it’s largely responsible for damage to the reefs. Happy trails!

    March 10, 2016
  2. Skip #

    WOW…Who would have thunk!! That many “mansions in Perth! and the beautiful beaches… and sister be careful in that outback!! You two sure are living your dreams.. Way to go.. keep the stories coming…

    March 10, 2016
  3. I thought that I saw you in one of those mansions, Redpath.

    March 10, 2016

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