Ever since that devil appeared on Bugs Bunny, Tasmania has been on the travel wish list. Turns out, the endangered Tasmanian Devil is more of a dog-like cute little fellow.

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Not so “devilish”

Efficient scavengers that can bite through bone, when they devour a variety of road kill like most Australian wildlife, automobiles become their main predator.

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The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary rehabilitates a variety of wounded wildlife, including kangaroos, before reintroducing them to the wilderness.

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Feeding kangaroos by hand

Current research seeks a cure for the fatal facial tumor disease currently threatening the devil’s existence.

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Tasmanian Devil

Breathe, gaze, and taste the waterfront city of Hobart. Slurp fresh oysters at one of the numerous seafood restaurants that surround Sullivan’s Cove, while watching yachts and sailboats bob in the Derwent River.

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Sullivan’s Cove

Or visit the Salamanca market for fresh cheeses, meats and seafood to prepare on your own.

blog market ron and pat

Shopping at the Salmanca Market

Take the ferry to Mona and climb many stairs for a view of the Gilbert and George art exhibition.

blog MONA

Approaching MONA via ferry

“We want our art to:  Bring out the Bigot in the Liberal and conversely to bring out the Liberal from inside the Bigot.” Decide for yourself…

blog MONA Pat

Pat contemplating….?

Enough decadence, let’s burn off the booze and excess delights with a heart pumping hike to the pinnacle of Mt. Wellington.

blog Mt W from bottom

Mt. Wellington from the bottom

Smell the gum tree forest during the climb. Take some photos up top before the winds try to freeze your sweat!

blog Hobart from Mt W

Hobart from the top of Mt. Wellington

After several days hanging in Hobart, it’s time to drive Tasmania!  (Next post)

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