Out of the desert and onto the coast.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Flamingos in Walvis Bay

Hello, flamingos and white pelicans of Walvis Bay! This place is a birder’s paradise.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Flamingos taking flight

We’re not birders, but still appreciate the beauty of birds.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

White Pelican

The Atlantic Ocean crashes into the sands of Namibia, as we enter the holiday resort town of Swakopmund.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

The dunes near Swakopmund

Mare treats us to several nights of luxury at the “Beach Lodge” which is designed to look like a wrecked ship, right on the ocean.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

The Beach Lodge

Driving part of the Skeleton Coast, we understand how it had earned its name.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Driving the Skeleton Coast Road

Salt flats, mineral and precious gem mines, and the road goes on forever.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Zeila shipwreck

Many shipwrecked sailors died of exposure here.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Tables with chunks of salt crystals for sale line the road

Man cannot live on salt alone, but he can certainly purchase it.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

A surreal seashore with over 100,000 seals make us feel like intruders. Wonder if they think that we stink too?

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Beach shower – the best show in town

Invigorating walks along a never ending shoreline rejuvenate our bodies, which have been car-bound for days. A simple outdoor shower provides a chance to frolic, and clean up at the same time.

Photo by Marilynnn Windust

Himba woman with child. Check out that hair!

Himba tribal members have kept their cultural heritage intact for many years. The female hair style utilizes a mixture of clay and mud.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Shopping for souvenirs

Crafts are handmade and very reasonable. Bartering is an important ingredient of their culture, so it’s foolish and insulting to agree on the first price.

Photo by Marilynn Windust

Adios Namibia – It has been spectacular!

We wrap up another amazing adventure in Namibia. A land that has so much more than just sand. Our next adventure will take us back to Cape Town, a place that feels like home.      Ron Mitchell

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