Marilynn and I were camping with Jack the dog when a couple in the site next door walked over to us.



“Can we borrow some matches?” He said in broken English, making striking motions with his hands. Of course we gave them a handful of matches.

“Where are you from?” his accent prompted me to ask.

“Iran,” he said reluctantly.

“Welcome!” I said with a big smile.

Their faces lit-up. We conversed enough to ascertain that they rented a car in California, and were saving money by tent camping on their way to Las Vegas.

Later, Marilynn said, “It’s so cool that the first thing out of your mouth to that man was a smile and a ‘welcome.’ That’s a result of the thousands of greetings with smiles and welcomes that people from all over the world have given to us.”

We know how it feels to “reluctantly” say where we are from, while traveling in certain countries. Even then, we usually get a warm welcome.

Deep down, all of us are the same.

Thank you, Abundant Universe.  Ron Mitchell