Hiking Cape Perpetua

We cannot quit walking the beaches. The beauty and relative isolation won’t allow us. Jack gets to run free, although, yesterday he almost got pepper-sprayed by a lady who had her dogs on a leash. So, we hook-up Jack’s collar and head out for a hike in the forest.

Thick ferns and huge spruce cover the hills that border the beach. At the top of Cape Perpetua, views of the coastline and small towns twist around rocky shores. Everything smells so fresh. We cannot tell whether our bodies are hot or cold, but seem to hover at just about the right temperature, especially for hiking.

Views from top of Cape Perpetua

We’ve enjoyed way better than normal sunshine these past couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, we need to get moving on, and look forward to a “rest” during the drive. Seattle soon…but first we need to reward ourselves for hiking. A stop at the “Rouge Nation National Headquarters,” brews just what we’re looking for.

Onion rings and a couple of sampler platters – Oh yeah babe!

“Who gets the strong sampler?” Joslin, our bartender, looks at me.

“How strong you talking?

“All four beers are over 9% alcohol. She points to the glass on the end, “That one’s just over 10%.”

“I’m driving,” Mare says.

Two friends started brewing beer in their basement in the 80’s. Now, they own several huge breweries, and ship nationwide. What a great American beer story!

Jack the dog loves his new frisbee so much that he won’t give it back. So we need to distract Jack, whose color is black, and he still won’t give it back. (Like I said, 10% beer!)

Jack loves his frisbee and we love the warm ocean mist

Driving up this Oregon Coast could be a lifelong venture. Really cool motels pop up from town to town, many with fireplaces; there is camping galore available, and if you have no gear, just rent a yurt and bring your blanket.

You cannot take a wrong turn off of scenic highway101. Any small town, or roadside byway, offers the freshest seafood, plus opportunities to hike, bike, fish, fly kites, crab, and kayak, and then of course, places to enjoy a cool adult beverage. We could definitely linger longer, but it’s time to hit the road, Jack.

Time to go. Everybody is starting to know our name!

All of us will miss the fun and food and friendly folks. One thing is for sure; we will be back, Jack.

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