We hop a two-hour shuttle from Prague that drives through snow-covered rolling hills and farmland. The small city of Cesky Krumlov sits in the south Bohemian region of Czech Republic and surrounds a castle.


Cesky Krumlov State Castle and Tower

Staying in hostels for about $20 nightly can make traveling cheaper than living at home. “Welcome to Krumlov House,” Cal, the proprietor says. His wife Carolyn helps us with future travel arrangements to Vienna.


Krumlov House, our humble abode

“You have to try the fried homemade local cheese and Eggenberg brew at Na Louzi,” Cal says. “It’s my favorite restaurant.”


Niva – lightly breaded and fried Roquefort cheese

Off we go. Soon, Marilynn and I sip a mixed light/dark Eggenberg, and munch on mild Roquefort cheese wedges lightly breaded and fried. We love how food is truly one of the best ways to internalize a culture, anywhere in the world.


Town Square

Small towns that surround castles make me feel medieval…, until I realize that instead of donning furs, Marilynn and I dress in REI down jackets and high tech hats. So much for medieval! However, Bram Stoker conducted much of his research here in Cesky Krumlov. Per the locals, this town is the true birth of vampire.


Wandering the cobblestone streets

Getting lost on narrow, cobblestone streets that angle and twist through history adds to the delight of our adventures.


Tower walls

We climb up the spiral stairs to the top of the Castle’s tower for some panoramic views of this stunning city.


View from the tower

It’s time for dinner. Again, on Cal’s advice, we devour a “Bohemian Feast” at Dwau Maryi, loaded with pheasant, rabbit, chicken, pork, dumplings, potato cakes, and a measly salad in the middle – probably a recent addition. The leftovers were wonderful for breakfast.


Bohemian Feast

Strangely enough, food servers in this small town carry a gruff attitude. We would expect the opposite. Perhaps they are tired of tourists. I wonder how they must feel in the Summer season when the place is crawling with tourists? I would not want their job.


Which way do we go?

The following morning, we finally have time to write our first post on this adventure about Prague, Czech Republic . Afterwards, we hike up a snow-covered hill to “Our Lady Dolorous and the Holy Cross” chapel, built in 1710.


Chapel on the Mountain of the Cross

Although closed every day of the year but one, we enjoy the energy and catch views of the city from different angles.


City views from the mountain

Stay tuned, we be on our way to Vienna, Austria, for a short stop in Western Europe!   Ron Mitchell